Definitions & Methods

for Customer Satisfaction Measure


The Customer Satisfaction Survey is part of Oregon's workforce performance measurement system. The Employment Department Research Division administers monthly surveys to measure the satisfaction of individuals and businesses who have received workforce system services. The Customer Satisfaction Survey was designed as an integrated customer survey that meets legislative reporting requirements and workforce policy needs, while also providing actionable information for program managers.


The key indicator of customer satisfaction performance for both individuals and businesses is Overall Quality, measured as the percentage of survey respondents who rated the quality of services they received as excellent or good.

Another important measure of customer satisfaction is Likely to Recommend, which is the percentage of survey respondents who said they would be very likely or somewhat likely to recommend the services they received to others.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey also gathers data on several other satisfaction drivers, including six Key Performance Measure (KPM) questions that are required by the Oregon State Legislature for both individual and business customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions




  • How do you rate your first impression of the workforce system provider that served you?



  • Do you feel the services provided helped (or will help) you find a job?



  • If one of your best friends were looking for a job in the future, how likely would you be to recommend our services?
  • As a result of the services you received, did you hire one or more new employee(s)?


  • How satisfied were you with the person(s) you hired?


  • If you have job openings in the future, how likely is it that you would list your job openings with us?


  • How likely would you be to recommend our services to your fellow business owners?



Legislative Key Performance Measures

(Asked of Individuals and Businesses)



  • How do you rate the timeliness of the services provided by Oregon's workforce system?


  • How do you rate our ability to provide services correctly the first time?


  • How do you rate the helpfulness of staff?


  • How do you rate the knowledge and expertise of staff?


  • How do you rate the availability of information?


  • How do you rate the overall quality of the services provided?

Customer Groups Included in Monthly Survey:

The following workforce system programs and agencies are currently included in the Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Oregon Employment Department: Unemployment Insurance, employment service (labor exchange), Trade Act.
  • Higher Education Coordinating Commission: workforce development and training, i.e., Title I Youth, Adults, and Dislocated Workers.

Additional workforce system customer groups will be added to the survey in the future.

The Business survey includes employers who closed a WorkSource Oregon job listing during the previous month.

The Individual survey includes two customer groups: (1) Job Seekers, i.e., customers who registered in the WorkSource Oregon Management Information System (WOMIS) during the previous calendar month; and (2) Unemployment Insurance Claimants, i.e., customers who filed an initial claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits during the previous calendar month.


Every month, participating programs provide a contact list of all customers who were served during the previous calendar month. These customers are contacted by email and invited to complete the survey using a web-based survey platform. Survey responses are matched with other customer information contained in the contact lists. The resulting data is the basis for the customer satisfaction performance measures.


The response rate for the Customer Satisfaction Survey is roughly 10%, although the response rate varies slightly with each monthly survey cycle. In a given month, the survey is sent to approximately 25,000 customer contacts; of those, about 2,500 complete the survey.


Result sets with two or fewer records are suppressed to protect the confidentiality of survey respondents. The (c) symbol is used to indicate confidential (suppressed) data.

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