Disclosing Your Disability in a Job Interview

November 27, 2018

Many people with disabilities feel unsure about disclosing their disability in a job interview. Talking about your disability involves thought and planning. It is up to you to decide when, where and how much information you would like to share.

The Americans with Disabilities Act limits what employers can ask people about disabilities prior to a job offer. You are not required to disclose your disability to an employer. However, if you have a visible disability, you may benefit by explaining how you’re able to do the job. Some people with no visible disability choose not to disclose their disability at all.

If your disability is visible, describe any accommodation you use and how it enhances your ability to perform the job requirements. Share examples from your educational training, previous volunteer or work experience and talk about how you accomplished your goals in the past.

Let the employer know that you are glad to answer any questions about your disability and accommodations you may require. Being open about your disability helps put your employer at ease. Being open can play an important role in whether or not you receive a job offer or a second interview.

Be sure to close the interview with a positive statement about how you have the skills needed to perform the job and how you would be an asset to the employer’s team.

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