Keep up in Today’s World, Never Stop Learning

November 27, 2018

Want to increase your chances of getting and keeping a good job? How about increasing the odds of advancing in your career over time? As you plan for your career, keep in mind that increasing your education and expanding your skills with lifelong learning will increase your chances of getting and keeping a job in the future.  

Learning is power. And it does not need to end when you get a diploma. I’m talking about seeking new things to learn and new ways to learn in all aspects of your life. (Maybe that is why they call it lifelong learning.)

In years, or perhaps decades, past, holding a degree or a certificate was enough to qualify for certain high-level jobs. While it is still absolutely necessary for many jobs, these days employers are focused on much more than just your formal education.

Employers want their employees to have skills, to be able to do certain tasks, and to learn quickly if they don’t have just the right skills for the job.

There is so much to learn from other aspects of your life outside formal education!  For instance, you can learn organization and leadership skills in so many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Organizing a group to pick up roadside trash
  • Coaching a youth academic or sports team
  • Learning communication skills by tutoring students or volunteering at a community event
  • Asking someone with an interesting hobby to teach you about it
  • Teaching others about your hobbies
If you embrace a lifelong learning attitude, and seek ways to create new learning opportunities, there is a good chance you will become inspired and inspire those around you. Who knows? You may discover a new love for learning as it’s fueled by the passion of your dreams.

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